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Running For Lose Weight - Really Can Make You Feel Good

It seems that I have the same conversation ten times a month. A new pilot said: "I decided to start running to lose weight,running for lose weight but I have not lost anything. Is this normal?"running for lose weight

Yes, indeed,runner lose weight it is quiet common for new runners do not lose weight when I start running. In fact, many of them gain weight. Here is why.running for lose weight

A running program will provide a number of great benefits for you. It will increase your cardiovascular efficiency, which makes your heart stronger and more efficient. It will also increase your basal metabolic rate,running lose weight helps burn more calories when at rest. And even running burns calories at a rate of about 115 calories per mile. But this game does not automatically lead to weight loss.

running for lose weight:The four reasons are

First, your weight is directly related to your diet - The food you eat is burned for their activities during the day or to be stored as fat that can be used later. There is another option for those calories - they have to go somewhere. Usually when people are overweight eat too many calories, or more precisely,running for lose weight excess calories from food types that are not useful for them to pursue activities in their daily lives.running for lose weight


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