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Will walking Lose weight - Lose Belly Fat With a Simple Walking Routine

Many people think that walking is a good exercise because it is not as intense as running, jogging, cycling or any other aerobic exercise.will walking lose weight Actually burn more calories than you think. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and walk at a speed of 3 miles per hour, you will burn about 120 calories in half an hour. You can, of course, burn calories much faster than jogging or running the market. However,will walking lose weight the pressure on the joints is much higher with these activities. Many people start with vigorous exercise programs only to injure the knee or back and then end up not exercising at all for months! With walking, engages in activities safer and more natural.will walking lose weight

You can gradually increase the amount of time and / or the speed at which you walk. If you are not used to exercising, start walking at a comfortable pace for a short period of time, about fifteen minutes, three times a week. After a week,will walking lose weight you can increase this to thirty minutes. in a month, you can be comfortable walking for forty-five minutes to an hour at a faster pace. You do not have to go crazy trying to figure your time or blood tests - unless you are someone who likes to measure everything!will walking lose weight

Where should you walk? This will depend on where you live and your preferences. If you live in a city, the sidewalks are fine. So are the public parks.will walking lose weight Some people prefer the discipline of walking around a track,   
will i lose weight by walking which can be inside or outside. It's good to have options in case of bad weather, so do not miss one hour week in winter or during rainy periods.will walking lose weight

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